The CB plugin JoomGalleryTab displays images of JoomGallery in a user's profile in Community Builder (version 1.7.1 or newer). JoomGallery 2.0 or newer is required for this extension.
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Four separate tabs are contained in JoomGalleryTab:

  • User Gallery: display a user's uploaded images
  • Favourites: display a user's favourite images (public or private)
  • Tagged Images: display the images a user is tagged in
  • Comments: displays the comments the user made in the gallery

To install JoomGalleryTab, just install the whole package as plugin in Community Builder. Don't forget to publish the plugin. Each tab contained in the plugin can be published and configured separately in the CB Tab Management.

To update, just uninstall the old plugin in Community Builder and install the new one.

If you want to help improving this extension please feel free to fork it and create pull requests.