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Latest commit dd18749 Sep 18, 2013 @betweenbrain betweenbrain Merge pull request #12 from betweenbrain/develop
Improves handling of data formats and error response

Joomla! Ajax Session Module

An example companion module to the Joomla Ajax Interface.

This module is designed to interact with the Ajax Session Plugin to update a session array via Ajax.

Stable Master Branch Policy

The master branch will, at all times, remain stable. Development for new features will occur in branches, and when ready, will be merged into the master branch.

In the event features have already been merged for the next release series, and an issue arises that warrants a fix on the current release series, the developer will create a branch based off the tag created from the previous release, make the necessary changes, package a new release, and tag the new release. If necessary, the commits made in the temporary branch will be merged into master


Your contributions are more than welcome! Please make all pull requests against the develop branch for Joomla version 2.5+ and 1.5-develop for Joomla version 1.5.

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