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Find file Copy path
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# Before excecution navigate to folder where you are searching through
Function searchthrough
# defines the output file name. This version creates the file in same folder. Change name and path if necessary
$outputFile = "userbasedscanthrough.log"
# Checks if file already exists in folder and removes it
if(Test-Path $outputFile){
# User confirms deletion
$confirmbool = Read-Host -Prompt "Poistetaanko $outputFile (Y/N): "
while (Test-Path $outputFile){
# Check if user wants to delete old file or rename file and make the output file have a new name
if($confirmbool -eq "Y" -Or $confirmbool -eq "y"){
Remove-Item $outputFile
# Asks for new filename
elseif ($confirmbool -eq "N" -Or $confirmbool -eq "n") {
$othername = Read-Host -Prompt "Anna tiedostolle toinen nimi"
$outputFile = $othername
# Keeps the user in the loop so the program doesn't throw unnecessarry errors.
# The error message here tells the user to select either y or n
Write-Error "Ei kelpaa valitse joko Y tai N"
$confirmbool = Read-Host -Prompt "Poistetaanko $outputFile (Y/N): "
# What to search for, First one asks for the file name or type eg. log, .txt etc...
$whatfiles = Read-Host -Prompt "Mitä tiedostoa etsitään"
# Searches for a specific word from the file
# do-while function makes it so the user can't search for an empty "word"
do {
$keyWord = Read-Host -Prompt "Mitä sanaa etsitään tiedostoista"
if($keyWord -eq ""){
Write-Output "Ei voi olla tyhjä"
}while($keyword -eq "")
# What name the file has.
Write-Output "Katso $outputFile"
# Write to the new file
Foreach ($kw in $keyWord)
# Select new match
Get-Childitem -Filter *$whatfiles* -Recurse -Exclude *.doc* |
Select-String -Pattern "$kw" |
# What was searched, the line that was found, on which line this can be found, and path to file
Select Path, @{n='KeyWord';e={ $kw }}, LineNumber, line |
# Output file alter name @ the $outputfile variable to get different files
Out-File .\$outputfile
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