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Ink - Android Application (Notebook App)

Everyone has their own preference of colors.

A color has no shape, has no scent; we mostly observe it subconsciously. But colors are the first element of anything we observe. In fact, they shape our experience with objects. I hope Ink allows you to freely express yourself and organize your thoughts with colored notes.

Features - Functionality

  • Color categorization
  • Use Images as category instead
  • Favorite notes
  • Search notes
  • Group delete notes
  • Send notes via e-mail and messaging apps.

Features - Security

  • Cloud backup using Parse (and restoration)
  • Password protection.
  • Note deletion alert

Features - Design

  • Serif or Sans-Serif font
  • Font size for Title and Content
  • Number of notes per row (tablet support)
  • Library note display style

Different colors affect people differently and depending on what color you see, your mentality changes. Ink lets you choose the "color" of the note; doing so will color the entire note in that "color". By choosing the color of the note, you also decide the emotion which you feel with the note. If you want, you can also choose an image to be associated with the note instead of a color.

Productivity does not have to seem so bland and emotionless.


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