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COBRA 7.5 Source

[Supported CFW]


As of January 5th 2017, following has been changed and updated since 4.46 COBRA 7

[ Joonie's Changes ]

* Firmware spoofing is disabled due to the changes of PSN Auth since 4.60
* PLS3 patches are removed from modulespatch.c since this is one of those pre-applied patches on 4.xx CFW
* unknown E3 patches are removed to fix an issue with XMB, [Originally found by rancid-0, from his PS3ITA 4.50 COBRA]
* Dual VSH supported for REBUG REX / D-REX CFW, with the proper hash check code was developed by habib and Nzv recently. 
* NPDRM Fself fix is no longer used due to improved fself patches hard coded within the firmware modules on REX/D-REX 

[ Habib's changes ]

* Improved Stage0 Base payload, this clears stage1 when stage2 is not loaded on LV2, which completely disabled COBRA mode.
* Syscall 11 is added to support full lv1 peek.
* Syscall 15 is added to allow execution of any lv2 internal function.
* Allow Syscall 11 to gain full access to syscall 6/7/9/10 to prevent modification from homebrews like multiMAN.
* PS2 Launcher is no longer needed due to new codes in storage_ext, now COBRA can behave the same way that VSH does to apply configuration of DS3 controllers. 
* PS2 Launcher can still be used, which allows PS2ISO with netemu on backward compatible consoles.
* PS2 Netemu toggle is added for Backward compatible consoles, it is very useful for those units with broken EE/GS chips as well.
* PS2 Netemu can now use decrypted CONFIG, place the game config file in the same game path for ex) 
* HASH calculation algorithm is changed, now it uses static hashes, so the hashes will not be changed unless modules have major changes.
* Stealth extension support to disable Syscall 15

[ KW's changes ]

* webMAN integration on boot. Also disables external webMAN plugin located in dev_hdd0
* PSN Patch stealth mode, it remove custom syscall from the ps3

[ Dean's changes ] 

* Improved map_path, to fix the issue with games like Shadow of Mordor
* Permission protection is disabled to increase game compatiblity and full DEX support.[no more issue with Target Manager or CCAPI]
* 80010017 / 8001002B Error fix is added since 4.60, this was developed to prevent issues with games when game disc is inserted in BD Drive.
* LIC.DAT check is patched to fix the issue with launching homebrew since 4.60

[ Nzv's changes]

* PS3MAPI 1.2.2 support, it is similar feature comparing to CCAPI, but open sourced project and also can unload vsh plugins , attatch process on all type of EBOOT.
One of those great debugging features.
* Partial disable syscall8 and unhooks all cobra hooks (Part of PS3MAPI)
* Block update from disc

[ Aldo's changes ]

* Improved PSX media type support, now it supports following disc types
* 2048 // 2352 // 2336 // 2448 *
* Improved Video mode patch with proper region detection
Original COBRA payload was relying on ps1emu's detection method, now COBRA has extra pre-processing that can detect region properly and force apply correct refresh rate depending on the game's region.
(Improved PS3MAPI functions)
* Added PEEK/POKE (LV1/LV2) as PS3MAPI opcodes (syscall8)
* Added option to block access and request access to syscall8 using a key
(also as PS3MAPI opcodes)
* Added temporary disablement of Cobra syscall8 to allow dumpers peek 0x1000 to 0x9800
* BASIC_PLUGIN hash is commented.

STILL IN W.I,P, please let me know if anyone is interested in making changes in this note :)