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Kosmos patches (ES & FS including ACID & nocmac)

What's new?


Updated support for Kosmos 15.3 & Tinfoil 8+ ( cal0 protection removed on the included ams_mitm.kip (AMS 0.10.4) so Tinfoil v8+ would work with Kosmos


Added support for Tinfoil 8+ ( cal0 protection removed on the included ams_mitm.kip (AMS 0.10.3) so Tinfoil v8+ would work with Kosmos


There's no change on both ES & FS binaries so update wasn't really needed but I'm pushing this anyways so that people would know they do not have to wait for a new release.

The tinfoil support will be updated as soon as the new AMS gets released.


a custom ams_mitm.kip has been added to support the latest tinfoil v8+ (


Fixed an issue with one of the patches not being applied on boot due to its failure to check the original values. Thanks to @NicholeMattera for a hotfix :)


ES & FS patches ported for FW v9.1.0 An additional support added for Fusee Primary users (there's a separate archive packed in 7z, hekate won't load this but Fusee Primary will)


an additional note has been added to patches.ini for 9.0.1 support Zip is used instead of 7z due a compatibility issue with certain updater homebrews Two versions are available. (one with hekate_ipl.ini for an upcoming change in Kosmos and another without it). If you do not know how to enable "nosigchk" patches, Please use the version with bootconfig (hekate_ipl.ini included)


ES & FS patches ported for FW v9.0.0


update.bin & update.bin.sig removed since Tinfoil & Lithium no longer have checks.


It now includes the latest version of Hekate 5.0.1 & Nyx 0.8.1 (CTCaer/hekate@101c8bc)

Due to the latest changes on Hekate v5 & Tinfoil/Lithium, I decided to discontinue my custom fork. Instead, this repo will only maintain FS patches for Hekate and ES patches for atmosphere from now on. (Mainly used for Kosmos)

Simply unpack the provided archive to the root of SDCard will be enough.

This archive includes following

ES patches for FW 2.0.0 - 9.2.0

ES patches credits:

2.0.0-6.2.0: Rajkosto 7.0.0-7.0.1: Prefers to be unknown 8.0.0-8.1.0: anon 9.0.0-9.2.0: none -(they are the same, back ported from the anonymous 8.1.0 patch) FS patches for FW 1.0.0 - 9.2.0

Added ACID patches to all FWs (1.0.0-9.2.0) major thanks to @rajkosto and @EliseZeroTwo Note : ACID patches are part of "nosigchk" patches, so no additional flag is needed to apply these patches. Added nocmac patches for all FWs up to 6.2.0 (This helps downgrading when you face infamous blackscreen issue or stuck at Nintendo logo after downgrading to 6.1.0 from 7.x and higher.) In order to use "nocmac patches", please add "kip1patch=nocmac" in hekate_ipl.ini

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