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A standard for documenting and building your object-/module-oriented cascading stylesheets. The documentation syntax is based on JavaDoc and hopefully will allow the Styledoc parser to create a styleguide on-the-fly.

Now that's brown sugar for your Irish coffee right there.

Build by @joony and @laustdeleuran at @verticny.

To-do / known issues / wish list

  • Think up clever way to do sections and subsections, parse them accordingly and output them on "pages"
  • Test with more demanding modules, especially with nested markup
  • How do nested modules act?
  • Think of how the interface for developers should be. How do you use hte library? Is the OOP approach the right one - or is there no way you'd need more than one instance? And if so, why shouldn't it take over the entire page?
  • What about baseline styling? Restes, fonts, body/html backgrounds etc.? Do we toatlly disregard that?
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