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- complete 01_util.js
- Add many more tests
- Add tests that include and use frameworks such as prototype.js, dojo or jquery.
- refactor tests into sub directories
- All
- implement class versioning
- Improve Implementation of Attribute meta classes
- Implement cookbook entries 4 and 5
- Demonstrate stringify in Role recipe
- Add Method.Generated Classes
- Test roles with method modifiers
- Implement attribute meta classes
- Add an interface to Joose.Class to ask for instance vs. class methods
- joose.isInstance
- execute every test file in its own iframe
- make this work in IE :)
- Test object initialization with private attr and other edge cases
- Dont step on other peoples toes with builders
- Moved initialization from Class-Props into meta class so it is overridable
- Allow instance and class methods with the same name
- Add meta roles to roles
- Method modifiers in roles should automatically be "required methods"