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Ability to overload methods #13

panos-kosmidis opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi, I was checking Joose and also Structr, I haven't decided which one I'll use yet, I like things from both sides but I was wondering most if Joose could support method overloading some how like structr does.


PS: There are few things I like in Structr and few things I like in Joose and this makes it very hard to decide which one to use :P


@cramforce The example you gave shows how to override a method, what I'm looking for is a way to overload a method. if you check the link I gave on first post you'll see what I mean.


ah ok... would be cool though it's a feature widely used and having this kind of automation would be great instead of doing switch/case the length and type of arguments in order to provide the needed functionality :)

Thanks though for taking the time checking this out :)

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