This program provides an easy shortcut system standalone or by terminal/powershell
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This application provides a customizable shortcut shell from terminal

System Commands

System Command Syntax Description
"add" add -n CommandName -p CommandPath -d Dettached Add new command to the system
"remove" remove CommandName Delete a command from the system
"list" list List registered commands
"close" close If any command is in execution, closes it
"clear" clear Clear the window

System arguments

Required: -n "name" -> Indicate the name of the command
Required: -p "path" -> Indicate the path of the binary
Optional: -d "true/false" -> Indicate if the command should be attached to shell or not (Default: false)

Usage Commands

Command Syntax Description
"CommandName" "CommandName" "Argumments" Execute selected command with the command argummens

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