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Title: Descend through the dungeons of Uqbar, find Hamsun's lost amulet, and return to the surface to win. Use what you find to avoid death.

Controls: [u] to go north. [j] to go south. [h] to go west. [k] to go east [,] to pick up. [d] to drop. [e] to eat. [w] to wear or wield. [?] for help. [x] to examine your items. [Ctrl] to look around. [f] to fire a projectile. [t] to thow an object. [q] to quaff a potion. [r] to read something. [<] to go up stairs. [>] to go down stairs.

Options: The game supports english and spanish languages. To change the language the value file must be changed to ENG or SPA for english and spanish respectively.

The number of levels in the dungeon can also be changed in the file 2 is the minimun value acceptable.

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