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This repo is my way of trying to use the Feynman Technique to help me learn Purescript and its ecosystem. It includes a number of links and other resources I've gathered or created. These have been gathered into the following folders

  • 00-Getting-Started
    • Why learn/use PureScript?
    • How to install Purscript & set up an editor (using Atom)
    • An overview of the REPL
    • Other important info.
  • 01-Build-Tools - how to use the tools in the ecosystem to manage dependencies, compile source code, and build projects
    • Overview of the dependency managers
    • Other build tools
  • 11-Syntax - Purescript's syntax explained using meta-language and verified by the compiler (PS versions: 0.12.1)
    • Basic Syntax
    • Foreign Function Interface Syntax
    • Type-Level Programming Syntax
    • Module syntax
  • 21-Hello-World - everything you need to know to write, structure, test, and benchmark a Purescript program
    • Philosophical Foundations
    • Prelude + Basic data structures
    • Hello World & Effects
    • Debugging
    • Testing
    • Benchmarking
    • Application structure
    • Type-Level Programming Overview
    • Example Games
  • 31-Design Patterns - (WIP) commonly-used patterns to solve problems in FP languages
  • 41-Ecosystem - (WIP) a better overview of the libraries in Purescript (categorized by tags)

The following labels give insight into this project's development:

Note: Sometimes this repo will produce a lot of notifications due to opening/closing issues/PRs and me adding additional thoughts/comments to things. If you wish to watch this repo, you are advised to watch for releases only. Many have unwatched this repo (before the release-only watch option was available) because it sometimes feels like notification spam.


Unless stated otherwise in a specific folder or file, this project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license: (Human-readable version), (Actual License)

Creative Commons Licence

Guidelines for this project


Feel free to open a new issue for:

  • Clarification on something you don't understand. If I don't know it yet and I'm interested, it'll force me to learn it
  • A link to something you'd like me to research more. If I'm interested or see the value, I'll look into it and try to document it or explain the idea in a clear way
  • Corrections for any mistakes I've made
  • Improvements to anything I've written thus far

I have written an ISSUE_TEMPLATE file. When you open a new issue, there will be content there that tells you how to write a good, clear issue. Please, follow those instructions!

Learning Purescript Using This Project

  • Read through these links about learning:
  • Git clone this repo
  • Use these rules to read through the folders' contents in the correct order:
    • Read a folder's "" file first (if it exists). It may provide additional info for how to read a folder's contents.
    • Read a folder's files or subfolders in numerical order. For example, read things in the order they appear below:
      • 00-Getting-Started/
      • 00-Getting-Started/
      • 00-Getting-Started/... (the rest of the folder's contents)
      • 01-Build-Tools/... (the folder's contents)
      • 11-Syntax/
      • 11-Syntax/01-Basic-Syntax/src/00-Comments-and-Documentation.purs
      • 11-Syntax/01-Basic-Syntax/src/01-Preliminary-Concepts/01-Value-Function-Data-Syntax.purs
      • 11-Syntax/01-Basic-Syntax/src/01-Preliminary-Concepts/
      • 11-Syntax/01-Basic-Syntax/src/01-Preliminary-Concepts/03-The-Prim-Module.purs
      • 11-Syntax/01-Basic-Syntax/src/02-Data-and-Functions/... (the rest of the folder's content)
  • Compile the code where possible, either before or after you experiment

Naming Conventions Used In This Repo

Numbering System

When you see this number system:

You should understand it like so:

[major theme/idea][minor concept/point]

Each major theme will almost always have 1..9 minor concepts/points. Thus, you will sometimes not see a file:
-- 10-file-name is intentionally missing here

In situations, where 9 files were not enough, I converted a file into a folder and each file in that folder further explains it.

An 'x' in a File/Folder Name

If a file or folder name has x in the numerical part of its name (e.g. 0x-File-or-Folder-Name, 9x-File-or-Folder-Name), it means I am still deciding where it should appear in the numerical order (and it is likely still a work in progress).

Referring to Files/Folders in this repo

Lastly, when referring to folders/files, we'll omit the numerical ordering (since the final order is still being determined). So, rather than 00-Getting-Started, you'll see Getting Started folder. Rather than 00-Getting-Started/, you'll see Getting-Started/

Versioning Policy

See this section to help you understand what a new release means


  • Provide "stable" versions...:
    • Readers of a given version should be able to read and bookmark files without worrying about those files/links breaking due to changes in its name (via renaming/reordering files, headers in files, etc.)
    • Older versions should be available via git tag.
  • ...without restricting developer creativity:
    • I should be able to continue writing new content and re-ordering things without concern
  • Load the latest release:
    • This repo should show the latest release version of this project, not the one on which I'm working. In other words, the default branch should coincide with the last release.
  • Lessen maintenance as much as possible:
    • There should only be two branches, latestRelease and development since a branch name like master is overloaded with connotations. Those who want to read older versions can checkout a tag.
    • I currently will not hyperlink to other files within this project until either a 1.0.0 release is made or I find a way to automate that.
  • Indicate PS version:
    • As Purescript continues to evolve, the release should use a prefix indicating which major PS version for which this library is up-to-date.

Release Syntax and Explanation

ps-[purescript's major release]-v[Major].[Minor].[Patch] where

  • purescript's major release means
    • Normally, this would be 1.x.x, but we don't yet have a 1.0 release yet. Thus, it is currently 0.12.x
    • x is a placeholder for the latest minor/patch release.
  • major change means
    • a file/folder name has changed, so that bookmarks or links to that file/folder are now broken
    • files/folders have been modified, so that one is recommended to re-read the modified parts
  • minor change means
    • a file's contents have been modified/updated to such a degree that one is recommended to re-read the modified parts
    • a file's header name has changed, so that bookmarks or links to that header/section are now broken
  • patch means
    • additional files/folders have been added without breaking links
    • a file's contents have been modified/updated to a minor degree that one could re-read the modified parts but is not likely to benefit much from it.
    • a file's contents have been slightly updated (typos, markdown rendering issues, etc.)