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"""VObject: module for reading vCard and vCalendar files
Parses iCalendar and vCard files into Python data structures, decoding the relevant encodings. Also serializes vobject data structures to iCalendar, vCard, or (experimentally) hCalendar unicode strings.
Requires python 2.4 or later, dateutil ( 1.1 or later.
Recent changes
- Make compatible with python 2.4, so the entire package stays compatible
- Fall back to default (the most recent standard) behavior if a VCARD
or VCALENDAR doesn't have a recognized VERSION
- Fixed a bad performance bug when parsing large text bodies, thanks to Morgen Sagen at Apple
- Changed license to Apache 2.0 from Apache 1.1
- Worked around an issue with Apple Address Book's vcard PHOTO parser
- Added change_tz module and script for quickly changing event timezones for an
ics file. Requires PyICU.
- Add support for BYMONTHDAY=-1 (days before the end of the month) when setting rrules
from a dateutil rrule
- Tolerate a Ruby iCalendar library escaping semi-colons in RRULEs
- Make vobjects pickle-able
- Add introspection help for IPython so tab completion works with
vobject's custom __getattr__
- Allow Outlook's technically illegal use of commas in TZIDs
- Allow unicode names for TZIDs
- Worked around Lotus Notes use of underscores in names by just silently replacing
with dashes
- When allowing quoted-printable data, honor CHARSET for each line, defaulting to
- Simplified directory layout, unit tests are now available via test
For older changes, see
- or
from ez_setup import use_setuptools
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
doclines = __doc__.splitlines()
setup(name = "vobject",
version = "0.8.1c",
author = "Jeffrey Harris",
author_email = "",
license = "Apache",
zip_safe = True,
url = "",
entry_points = { 'console_scripts': ['ics_diff = vobject.ics_diff:main',
'change_tz = vobject.change_tz:main']},
include_package_data = True,
test_suite = "test_vobject",
install_requires = ['python-dateutil >= 1.1'],
platforms = ["any"],
packages = find_packages(),
description = doclines[0],
long_description = "\n".join(doclines[2:]),
classifiers = """
Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
Environment :: Console
License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License
Intended Audience :: Developers
Natural Language :: English
Programming Language :: Python
Operating System :: OS Independent
Topic :: Text Processing""".strip().splitlines()