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Polyglot Pal my Front end Capstone for Nashville Software School. Is an application where users can connect and learn another language. Users have the ability to search for users who speak English, Russian, French, or Spanish. They can follow users post messages in the community message board and edit their profile and keep it current with what …
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Polyglot Pal

Polyglot Pal is for those who wish to learn another language and make a friend in the process.

  • Login and and search for a language you'd like to learn:
  • Want to meet with a native speaker? a beginner?
  • See other users proficiency in that language.
  • Follow other users.
  • Reach out in the community chatroom.
  • Meet up with your new language partner.
  • Keep track of the languages you are learning on your profile with language cards!.
  • Improving? Update your cards to let everyone know.

More language options to choose from!

To Use The App:

  1. Clone this repo with the "Clone or download" button above this README.
  2. Copy the URL generated when the button is clicked.
  3. Open your terminal.
  4. Type git clone and then paste the URL from step 2.
  5. Navigate into the root folder using cd userSearch
  6. Once in root folder, type npm install
  7. Type npm start
  8. In another terminal window - navigate into the "api" folder by typing cd /api
  9. Run json-server -p 5002 -w database.json
  10. After steps listed above are complete you should be ready to use the app
  11. Navigate to localhost:3000
  12. Enjoy. Thank you!

Bugs Fixed

  • issue 1 : User was able to add multiple instances of the same user to their friends list.

  • issue 1 has been resolved. User can only add another user one time and will be alerted alerted of thier friendship if user tries to add a friend already in their friends list.

  • issue 2: The logged in user was showing up in the search results.

  • issue 2 has been resolved: The logged in user will not show up in the search results.

Technologies Used To Build This Application

React, Bootstrap 4, Material UI, JSON server

Additional Dependencies Used

zipcode, react-rate,

Nashville Software School Front End Capstone

© Jordan Rosas 2019

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