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Currently the code is divided in two modules:
RRMi depends on
Gazebo SVN
Player SVN
Player ruby bindings
Rubots depends on RRMi and Korundum (KDE Ruby bindings)
To get Gazebo, Player and their Ruby bindings:
1.- svn:
Instructions here:
You need to compile and install Gazebo (not other software of the project).
Gazebo depends on Ogre >=1.6.1 and on ode >= 0.10 that may not be in the repositories of your
distribution. OpenAL and other alternative functionality of Gazebo is not used currently by Rubots.
2.- Ubuntu Karmic / Debian Sid repository:
WARNING: the ppa repository have not updated yet to the versions needed for Rubots!
It may soon...
Any problem compiling those programs, you can report here, I will solve it or send them
"upstream" if necessary.
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