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Remote ImGui

Remote ImGui is an extension for (currently 1.3), sending output and receiving input from a target client in another device running an HTML5/WebGL/WebSockets(v13) application. You will view all ImGui output from host app, but can also set a bigger virtual canvas and drag windows around. Use Ctrl+LeftMouse on web client to move around it. Client also sends input from mouse/keyboard, allowing interaction with host app.

  • Using Chrome works out of the box; on Firefox you have to toggle network.websocket.allowInsecureFromHTTPS in about:config to true

Setup Host

#include "../imgui_remote.h"

  • RemoteInit to initialize: void ImGui::RemoteInit(bind_address, bind_port, vcanvas_width, vcanvas_height);
  • RemoteUpdate on update to pump network code: void ImGui::RemoteUpdate();
  • RemoteDraw on render to send render data to client: void ImGui::RemoteDraw(cmd_lists, cmd_lists_count);
  • RemoteShutdown to terminate: void ImGui::RemoteShutdown();
  • RemoteGetInput to get input from remote: bool ImGui::RemoteGetInput(input);

Check app/example for a working example (ImGui 1.3 included).

  • RemoteInput might conflict with your actual app input, you will have to decide which one is focused and decide what input send to ImGui.


LZ4 -

Modified Webby -

I've used Webby for the WebSocketServer connection. It supports Win32 + Unix, but it should be easy to add other platforms. I included Webby on the repo as I added a function to allow sending WebSocket packets in a single frame.

Setup Client

Double click index.html, add your host address and click connect. You can also create an autoconnect index.html bookmark with index.html?host=address


ThreeJS -

Dat.Gui -

Modified LZ4.js -


  • Web client tested on iOS / Android + WebGL, but input is not handled