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Clipboard support for Vim without +clipboard
Vim script
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fauxClip is a Vim plugin to provide a pseudo clipboard support for versions of Vim compiled without +clipboard

fauxClip uses xclip as default copy and paste command, but you can override either of these commands if you have more specific needs.

(The following examples utilize Linux's defaults)

  • Copy:
let g:fauxClip_copy_cmd         = 'xclip -f -i -selection clipboard'
let g:fauxClip_copy_primary_cmd = 'xclip -f -i'
  • Paste:
let g:fauxClip_paste_cmd         = 'xclip -o -selection clipboard 2> /dev/null'
let g:fauxClip_paste_primary_cmd = 'xclip -o 2> /dev/null'
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