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This repository includes:

  1. A function to evaluate the sampling effort in DNA Barcoding studies "sampling_effort_test.R", see Doña et al. 2015.

  2. A function to estimate the number of mutations of HTS reads against a consensus barcode "cycling.R", see Vierna et al. 2016.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:

Doña, J., Diaz‐Real, J., Mironov, S., Bazaga, P., Serrano, D., and Jovani, R. (2015). DNA barcoding and mini‐barcoding as a powerful tool for feather mite studies. Molecular Ecology Resources, 15, 1216-1225

Vierna, J*., Doña J*., Vizcaíno, A., Serrano D and Jovani, R. More PCR cycles in DNA metabarcoding does not increase point mutations. In rev. (*Authors contributed equally to this work).

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