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Getopts is a Node.js CLI options parser. It's designed according to the Utility Conventions so that your programs behave like typical UNIX utilities effortlessly — without sacrificing developer experience.

Need for speed? Getopts is optimized for runtime performance and runs 10 to 20 times faster than alternatives according to our benchmarks.


npm i getopts


Use getopts to parse the arguments passed into your program from the command line.

$ example/demo --super=sonic -xu9000 -- game over
const getopts = require("getopts")

const options = getopts(process.argv.slice(2), {
  alias: {
    s: "super",
    u: "ultra"
  default: {
    turbo: true

Getopts expects an array of arguments and options object (optional) and returns an object where you can look up the argument keys and their values.

  _: ["game", "over"],
  x: true,
  s: "sonic",
  u: "9000",
  super: "sonic",
  ultra: "9000",
  turbo: true


getopts(argv, options)


An array of arguments to parse. See process.argv.

Arguments that begin with one or two dashes are called options or flags. Options may have one or more aliases. The underscore key stores operands. Operands include non-options, the single dash - and all the arguments after --.


An object of option aliases. An alias can be a string or an array of strings.

getopts(["-u"], {
  alias: {
    u: ["U", "ultra"]
}) //=> { _:[], u:true, U:true, ultra:true }


An array of options that should be parsed as booleans. In the example, by indicating that u is a boolean option, the number 1 is parsed as an operand and not as a value.

getopts(["-u", 1], {
  boolean: ["u"]
}) //=> { _:[1], u:true }


An object of default values for missing options.

getopts(["-u"], {
  default: {
    turbo: true
}) //=> { _:[], u:true, turbo:true }


A function that runs for every unknown option. Return false to dismiss the option.

getopts(["-abc"], {
  unknown: option => "a" === option
}) // => { _:[], a:true }


Getopts is MIT licensed. See LICENSE.