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How to change EV3 hostname with Visual Studio Code

  1. Use EV3DEV Device Browser to open a SSH Terminal:

You will be greated with a command line shell:

  1. Run 'ev3dev-config' tool:

Since this tool can change system configurations we need to run it with superuser privileges:

sudo ev3dev-config

You will need to give the password for the default user 'robot' (it's 'maker'):

  1. On the intial menu choose 'Advanced Options':

then 'A1 Hostname'

  1. You receive e a warning about the rules for hostnames:

  1. Just choose a new hostname and then OK

you will return to the initial menu:

  1. Now just disconnect from your EV3DEV:

  1. If you now try to connect to a different EV3DEV device it should show up with the new hostname and if you open a new SSH Terminal you see the new hostname:

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