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This repository provides the build scripts for packages that can be used in conjunction with the heroku modular buildpack on Heroku's cedar14 stack.

Rather than provide binaries as I did for the cedar stack, this repository provides the build scripts that can be used to build a repository from scratch.

This is more transparent and a more suitable upgrade path for future Heroku stack upgrades.

How to build

The packages are built using docker and the heroku/cedar image provided by Heroku. In order to build your own version of this repository you will need a working docker commandline. The quickest way to get started is the Docker Toolbox.

# Build all the packages, dist folder and repository index
cd /path/to/repository


Check the releases page for an archive containing a built repository of that specific version.

If you need a more up-to-date archive you will have to build it yourself, or leave me a message and I will attempt to provide a more recent build.