A telegram bot that converts WebM files to MP4.
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After using Telegram on iOS, I quickly realized how much I missed being able to watch WebM files on the go. Thanks to drama around Google ditching Apple's WebKit, it's very likely that Apple devices will never support WebMs natively, so I built this bot.


  • Converts WebMs to MP4
  • Works in Group Chats


Install nodejs, npm, and ffmpeg to your system.

Create a Telegram bot using their official docs.

Copy .env.sample to .env and paste your API key there. You may also want to edit the default file size limit of 10MB.

Run node bot.js.


Simply upload a WebM into any chat where the bot is a participant and it will reply with a fresh MP4. Usage


Converting videos is very CPU intensive. When using Heroku's free tier, it took 15 seconds to convert a small webm file. Your results will vary depending where you host this. I recommend hosting it locally.


Licensed under GNU GPL v3 See LICENSE.md for the full license text