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Tetris Display

Yet another semi-pointless project for fun!

The Tetris Display was born as a use for a flexible WS2812 LED panel I had lying around. My 13-year-old son and I built a quick Tetris clone for it; his friends played it with him (and insisted on Super Rotation support) at his 14th birthday party. And then things got even more interesting.

This display (and remote control) use a pair of ESP8266 ESP-01s on their own network to play Tetris. But why stop there?

It's an ESP, so it has WiFi, so it also serves its own web page... where you can configure it, or play Tetris without the remote (sort of; it's not ideal).

And as long as we have a matrix of pixels, we might as well let it serve as a WiFi-connected display for text messages. They're sideways, but not awful.

And then, why would I build anything without also making it a clock? (Why are clocks so fun to build? Sigh.) If you put this on your home WiFi network, it will get NTP time updates off the Internet. Automatic Daylight Savings time (US and Europe rules); sunrise and sunset brightness shifts; NTP synchronization every 10 minutes (done stupidly, so it's +/- 1 second accuracy).

As of this writing, this is still a bit of a work-in-progress. The write-up is going on Hackaday, so take a look there while I finish it all off. (It's fully functional but not necessarily polished.)


By default, the display will broadcast its own SSID ("tetris-display"). Connect to that network, and then browse to

When you're done, press 'Save'; if the values look right, then go to

That's it! The display will reboot and come up in your set configuration. If you gave it an SSID/password, it should associate with your wireless network; find an NTP server; and automatically start the clock.

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