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Coding Train challenges made in
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CC001 Starfield
CC002 Menger Sponge Fractal
CC004 Purple Rain
CC010 Maze Generator
CC011 3D Terrain Generation with Perlin Noise
CC012 The Lorenz Attractor
CC013 Reaction Diffusion Algorithm
CC016 Fractal Trees L-System Renamed folders Mar 21, 2019
CC018 3D Fractal Trees
CC026 3D Supershapes
CC028 Metaballs
CC029 Smart Rockets Added the compiled applications Mar 21, 2019
CC030 Phyllotaxis
CC031 Flappy Bird
CC033 Poisson-disc Sampling Added the compiled applications Mar 21, 2019
CC034 Diffusion-Limited Aggregation
CC035 Traveling Salesperson comparison
CC050 Animated Circle Packing
CC051 A-star Pathfinding Algorithm
CC059 Steering Behaviors
CC062 Plinko
CC069 Evolutionary Steering Behaviors
CC074 Clock
CC085 Game of Life
CC092 XOR Problem
CC093 Double Pendulum
CC094 2048
CC095 Approximating the Value of Pi
CC098 Quadtree
CC100 Neuroevolution Flappy Bird
CC107 Sandpiles
CC108 Barnsley Fern
CC112 3D Rendering with Rotation and Projection
CC114 Bubble Sort Visualization
CC117 Seven-Segment Display Add files via upload Apr 2, 2019
CC121 Logo Interpreter
CC123 Chaos Game
CC124 Flocking Simulation Add files via upload Mar 20, 2019
CC125 Fourier Series Add files via upload Mar 20, 2019
CC127 Brownian Tree Snowflake Add files via upload Apr 28, 2019
CC130 Drawing with Fourier Transform and Epicycles
CC130.2 Fourier Transform User Drawing Add files via upload May 10, 2019
CC130.3 Fourier Transform Drawing with Complex Numbers
CC131 Bouncing DVD Logo
CC132 Fluid Simulation
CC133 Times Tables Cardioid Visualization
CC134 Hearth Curve
CC136 Perlin Noise Gif Loop
CC137 4D OpenSimplex Noise Loop
CC141 Calculating the Digits of Pi with Mandelbrot Set
CC142.1 Rubik's Cube Part 1 Uploaded files May 13, 2019
CC142.3 Rubik's Cube Part 3
CC143 QuickSort Add files via upload Apr 7, 2019
CC144 Black Hole Visualization
CC145 2D Raycasting

Coding Train challenges implemented in Visual All programs were made as Windows Desktop WPF Applications

All programs were made in Visual Studio 2017 (Community Edition) with .NET version 4.6.1

.NET runtime 4.6.1 or higher is needed to run the applications.

To use the code in Visual Studio :

  • Create a new default Visual Basic Windows Desktop WPF Application with an appropriate name. (This should generate the Mainwindow files)
  • Copy all the files to this new project.
  • Add reference to all the DLL files. (3D programs also need System.Drawing.dll)
  • Copy all the .VB and .XAML files to the project directory (Overwrite Mainwindow.xaml and Mainwindow..xaml.vb)
  • Add all those .VB files to the project
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