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##service.ddlist.jquery - Styleable dropdown list


service.ddlist.jquery is a small jQuery plugin that allows for a fully styleable dropdown list supporting list options with text, images, and possible additional description strings.

The list can be constructed in 2 ways:

  • By using a standard <select> element with one or more <option> items, which will be hidden by the plugin. The list is then 'reconstructed' by means of a jquery-generated <div> container.
  • By passing a JSON object (an array) where each entry contains a list item defined through a set of properties (key/value).

In case of the <select><option> approach full support is provided to submit the correct "selected" option to the server when the list is part of a form.

This dropdown list is of course not to be confused with a dropdown menu.

###Tutorial and Documentation

You can find the tutorial and API description at