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I don't have any time to maintain this plugin anymore. As long as no one wants to maintain it I don't see the possiblity to fix all the stuff mentioned in the issues, sorry. I recommend to not use this plugin anymore.

Image Resizer for Cordova

By: Protonet GmbH

Authors: Joschka Schulz

Adding the Plugin

Use the Cordova CLI and type in the following command:

// This plugin uses the cordova-plugin-camera
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera

// This plugin
cordova plugin add

Sample Code

At the moment the plugin is available on android, iOS and windows


window.ImageResizer.resize(options, success, failed);


  • uri(String): The Uri for the image on the device to get scaled (can be file:// path (iOS,Android) or data:image base64 encoded string(Android only))
  • folderName(String): The name of the folder the image should be put in android only
  • fileName(String): A custom name for the file. Default name is a timestamp. android and windows only
  • quality(Number): Quality given as Number for the quality of the new image - defaults to 85 android and iOS only
  • width(Number): The width of the new image,
  • height(Number): The height of the new image
  • base64(Boolean): Whether or not to return a base64 encoded image string instead of the path to the resized image
  • fit(Boolean): Whether or not to fit image in bounds defined by width and height android only

Android Example

    var options = {
          uri: uri,
          folderName: "Protonet Messenger",
          quality: 90,
          width: 1280,
          height: 1280,
          base64: true,
          fit: false

      function(image) {
         // success: image is the new resized image
      }, function() {
        // failed: grumpy cat likes this function
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