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Stuck on a Fling! level? Don't worry! With Fling! Solver you will be able to solve all the Fling! levels in two easy steps:

  • Draw the Fling! level to solve and...
  • Click the "Solve Level!" button

Easy, isn't it?

Screenshot 1      Screenshot 1

This is not the Fling! game, but you can download it for free at:


Copyright (C) 2013 José Expósito <>

The source code is available under GPL v2 license at GitHub

Helping to the project:

Below you can see many ways to collaborate easily with Fling! Solver project, as you can see collaborate is very easy.

  • Sending suggestions

Are you a Fling! Solver user and do think that the project need something? Do not hesitate, let me know!

  • Reporting bugs

Have you found a bug? Report it!

  • Advertising Fling! Solver project

If you have a blog, a website, a Facebook or Twitter account or some similar, a good way to help the project is making it known to more users

  • Making a donation

Finally if you can not help none of the above, you can always make a donation, even a few pennies to help the project continue forward