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Mongoose Web Server

Mongoose is easy to use, powerful, embeddable web server.


  • Works on Windows, Mac, UNIX/Linux, iPhone, Android, and many other platforms
  • CGI, SSL, Digest auth, Websocket, WEbDAV, Resumed download, URL rewrite, file blacklist, IP-based ACL, Windows service
  • Scripting and database support (Lua + Sqlite, see page.lp ), which provides ready to go, powerful web development platform in one single-click executable with no dependencies
  • Simple and clean embedding API. The source is in single mongoose.c file to make embedding easy
  • Extremely lightweight, has a core of under 40kB and tiny runtime footprint
  • Asyncronouns, non-blocking core supporting single- or multi-threaded usage
  • On the market since 2004, stable, mature and tested, has several man-years invested in continuous improvement and refinement
  • Professional support and consultancy available from Cesanta Software, developer of Mongoose


Mongoose made better thanks to the contribution of following people:

Arnout Vandecappelle, Benoît Amiaux, Boris Pek, Cody Hanson, Colin Leitner, Daniel Oaks, Eric Bakan, Erik Oomen, Filipp Kovalev, Ger Hobbelt, Hendrik Polczynski, Igor Okulist, Jay, Joe Mucchiello, John Safranek, José Miguel Gonçalves, Shueng Chuan, Katerina Blinova, Konstantin Sorokin, Marin Atanasov, Matt Healy, Mitch Hendrickson, Nigel Stewart, Pavel Khlebovich, Sebastian Reinhard, Stefan Doehla, abadc0de, nullable.type, T.Barmann, D.Hughes, J.C.Sloan, R.Romeo, L.E.Spencer, S.Kotay, R.M.Shorter, W.Mar, J.Wilander, Santa from Memphis, S.Davies, C.Beck, O.M.Vilhunen, C.Radik, G.Woodcock, M.Szczepkowski, Eternal Lands Dev Team, T.Tollet, C.Tangerino, G.Karsai, A.Bourgett, C.Blakemore, D.Fonaryov, T.Andrle, O.IJsselmuiden, R.Womack, M.Tomlinson, A.Slåttå, L.Farrell, J.D.P.Ballestero, V.Albaev, B.Harker, T.Scheffel, H.Klein, R.Merit, T.Bennett, H.Solis, A.Zincenko, M.S., S.Krul, K.Cooke, S.McCallum, F.Morenius, and 10 others.


Mongoose is released under GNU GPL v.2. Businesses have an option to get non-restrictive, royalty-free commercial license and professional support from Cesanta Software.

Frozen JSON parser, Super Light Regular Expression library, Super Light DNS Resolver are other projects by Cesanta Software, developed with the same philosophy of functionality and simplicity.