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A React app listing the robot masters from the Mega Man series. It uses react-flip-move for real cool animations.
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Mega Man Robot Masters

A react application listing the Mega Man Robot Masters. It uses react-flip-move that uses FLIP animation

Mega Man Robot Masters

Featured on React.Rocks

Mega Man Robot Masters API

It consumes the Mega Man Robot Masters API

Play with it!

What are you waiting for? Play with it! (You know you want to)

Live demo:


  • git clone or fork it
  • npm install
  • npm start
  • Visit http://localhost:8080/
  • Have fun!!

Who is Mega Man?

Mega Man, known as Rockman (ロックマン Rokkuman?, from the phrase "Rock 'n Roll") in Japan, also known as Mega or Rock in his original form, is the title character of what has been referred to as the "Classic" Mega Man series developed by Capcom since 1987. - Mega Man Character

Mega Man Series

The Mega Man series, known as Rockman (ロックマン Rokkuman?) in Japan and often referred as the "original Mega Man" or "Mega Man Classic", is the first series of the Mega Man franchise of games. The first game, Mega Man, was released on December 17, 1987 on the Famicom (FC) in Japan and on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in North America and Europe. - Mega Man Series

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