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Backup of class project. Implemented with C# and XNA framework.

* removed the in-game video(way too large)

Game Proposal

Independence Day – The Game


  • Jalpresh Tailor
  • Jose Luis Saldivar
  • Brian McCavour
  • Mazen Khairallah

High Concept

The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy. It’s up to you, a hero of humanity, to defeat the Aliens and save the day.


  • Based off the movie Independence Day, the game will feature cut scenes, taken from the movie.
  • The point of view is derived from other side/top scrolling games, such as R-Type, Gradius, or 1942)
  • Each level in the game will be a mission, relating to an objective from the movie.
  • Some levels deviate from the usual “shoot-everything” style of top/side scroller, by having objectives such as avoiding coming into close range to enemy ships, or racing against time.
  • There will be items, such as upgrades to ship/weapons, bonus lives, wingman etc…
  • There will be boss encounters on select levels.
  • The game-play screen will consist of the main game viewport, points, lives, elapsed time, etc…

Player Motivation

Players will take control of various ships, and try to reach his mission objective through different ways such as avoiding enemy fire, detection, or destroying obstacles in a fast paced environment.
Genre Top/Side scrolling game with slight variations such as different mission goals and time limits and cinematics between levels.


The world is a 2 Dimensional environment which will either scroll vertically or horizontally at a fixed or variable rate (time race levels). The player will control fighter jets and space ships that can;

  • Move in 360 degrees in the world space which is moving at a constant rate.
  • Fire various kinds of weapons to defeat alien ships and bosses.
  • Avoid obstacles, and enemy fire.

Target Customer

Classic arcade players looking for familiar game-play in modern gaming consoles
Competition 1990’s scrolling games played on Atari or similar legacy consoles. Unique Selling Points

  • Story Telling mode with cinematic taken from Independence Day.
  • Game-play variations to all other top/side scrolling games.

Target Hardware

Xbox 360, PC. Design Goals Simple: Easy controls and game-play makes the game enjoyable for a global market.
Exciting: Fast paced, arcade-style top/side scrolling game that keeps the player in the action. Required Licensing 20th Century Fox for distribution of Independence Day game.

Story Synopsis

Aliens have invaded Earth in the attempt to annihilate mankind. All attempts to fight back with conventional weapons fail until a computer virus, capable of neutralizing the Alien shields, is created by David Levinson. Captain Steven Hiller, accompanied by David Levinson, is sent on a suicide mission to upload the virus to the Alien mothership. Once the virus is uploaded, Thomas J. Whitmore (the President of the United-States), unites the world for one last attack against the invading aliens ships where Russell Casse gives his life to save the world.


There will be multiple characters taken from the movie. The player takes on the role of some of these characters, while others have only a role in the story/cinematics.

Captain Steven Hiller: An All-American air-force pilot who will do whatever it takes to save the day. David Levinson: A genius cable man, who discovers the imminent Alien threat, and creates the computer virus, that will disable the Alien ships. Russell Casse: The unexpected hero, a Vietnam veteran and former alcoholic crop-duster, who has sobered up and joined the fight to save humanity. Thomas J. Whitmore: Former fighter pilot, and the president of the United-States