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MP2RAGE Scripts - T1 map correction & Background noise removal
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JosePMarques bug fix
A small change on the function MP2RAGE_lookuptable.m (ensuring first and last values of lookup table are -0.5 and 0.5) generated the T1B1correctpackage(TFL).m not to work, This has now been fixed.
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nii_func MP2RAGE related Scripts May 9, 2017
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DemoCalculateM0estimate.m Add files via upload Jul 2, 2018
DemoCalculateT1estimate.m Demo script to compute T1 estimations from MP2RAGE images Aug 14, 2017
DemoForR1Correction.asv MP2RAGE related Scripts May 9, 2017
DemoForR1Correction.m Add files via upload May 9, 2017
DemoRemoveBackgroundNoise.m MP2RAGE related Scripts May 9, 2017
License.txt Update Dec 20, 2018


MP2RAGE Scripts - (a) T1 maps estimation using the MP2RAGE sequence; (b) T1 map correction using an additional B1 map & (c) Background noise removal by using a "robust"/regularized version of the combination of the two inversion time images.

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