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inkdoc module API

generateMarkup(root, options, cb) function

Object root - root data context

Object options

String options.templatesDir - path to the directory where templates reside

String options.template - name of template to use (also a directory)

String options.markupFile - name of the main output file (remaining ones' names come fore handlebars file helper argument)

Function(err) cb

Expands handlebars templates in templatesDir/template usin root as context. Starts at index.hbs, loading remaining .hbs files as partials

generateMarkup(root, options, cb) function

Object root

Object options

Boolean options.ommitPrivates - if true, functions and attributes tagged private will not appear on the generated markup

Boolean options.treatUnderscorePrefixesAsPrivates - if true, functions and attributes prefixed with _ will be treated as privates too

String options.title - project title

Function(err, markup) cb

Visits data and prepares it for templating Extracts additional info


parseComments(cfg, cb) function

Object cfg

Boolean [cfg.debug]=false - show debug info?

String[] cfg.sourceFiles - file paths of files to parse

Function(err, root) cb - called with regular err, root object syntax

Reads source files and populated a shared object with the extracted metadata, which is sent to the callback


documentation auto-generated by inkdoc from block comments

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