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Core API

Use the core API directly to use the key value store in a node.js process.

var db = level1.core({
	dbPath:'./mydb' // this is the only required option
	interceptor: function(v, k) { // optional interceptor
		if ('ignore' in v) { return; } // has ignore attribute? don't put such objects.
		if ('age' in v) { v.age = parseInt(v.age, 10); } // cast age attribute to integer if present
		return [v, k];

db.put({hello:'world'}); // returns the autogenerated key

db.put({foo:'bar'}, 'k1'); // stores this one on key 'k1'

db.get('k1', function(err, o) {
	// err or the object

db.clear(cb); // clears db

db.list(cb); // returns array of {key:k, value:v}

// you must pass a filter function which receives the arguments: v(value) and k(key) { return 'name' in v &&[0].toLowerCase() === 'a'; }, cb);
// this example returns values which have attribute 'name' and whose first character is an a.

db.count(function(v) { return 'name' in v; }, cb);
// counts values having 'name' attribute

db.keys(cb); // returns array of keys

db.values(cb); // returns array of values

db.uuids(2, cb); // returns 2 uuids for ad-hoc usage

By default sets attributes:

  • _key (key uuid string)
  • _createdAt (timestamp)
  • _modifiedAt (timestap)

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