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SAM Rocket example in Snabbdom

This is my take on SAM's rocket example, using snabbdom.

Diagram summary:

State > Action > Model

model -render-> state

state -pureFn-> view

state -nextAction-> action (can be auto-invoked)
view  -userAction-> action

action -present-> model

Concepts definition:

SAM diagram

a VIEW as pure function of the model

each ACTION is a pure function, receiving optional parameters.
valid actions should invoke modelPresent with an object defining the change intended to be applied to the model

the MODEL contains all application state and should not be tampered with directly.
it exposes a single function, modelPresent, receiving the action intent.
that function is responsible for accepting the action intent and if valid, change model internals.
stateRender shall then be called, passing the model in for READING only.

STATE here does not hold state at all. more like a state machine.
it exposes predicates based on model (state).
is a pure function of the model (stateRender) which should:

  • compute the next action predicate, that is, identify if the model shall trigger an action automatically or not
  • decide how to translate the model into view (elect the best appropriate view fn)

What are these other JS files?

The relevant code is in PROGRAM.js.
In there I implement the rocket launcher example.
It receives the 2 snabbdom's function I need, h and patch.
If you don't know snabbdom, this article is a nice intro to it (first examples should suffice).

snabbdom_single.js was generated via browserify in order for me (and you) to be able to use snabbdom on the browser without any tooling.
It creates a distributable snabbdom file, exposing its symbols h and patch to a PROGRAM function, defined elsewhere (in the PROGRAM.js file).

If by any chance you want to update the snabbdom_single.js file, do:

npm install
npm run generate


SAM's rocket launcher example using snabbdom



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