Talk about Audio signal analysis with python in PyCon 2018 in Medellin - Colombia
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Audio Analysis with Python (Talk in Pycon2018 Colombia)

Jupyter Notebook used for the talk Audio Analysis with Python at Pycon2018 Colombia.

I made an python script to automatically extract the name, github account and talk name of each speaker at Pycon2018,, then i manually fill some of then missing information and presentation links.

Pycon 2018 (Colombia) speakers information:

Note: This is a Jupyter notebook slideshow for a better visualization of the presentation I highly recommend to install RISE (Reveal.js - Jupyter/IPython Slideshow Extension)- turns the Jupyter Notebooks into a live presentation, after install RISE, press Alt +R and then use a full screen view in the web browser (press F11)

Online presentation in nbviewer:

Software and Libraries