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A Sails hook for request validations
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Sails hook for validate request.

  npm install --save sails-hook-validator


Requirements: Sails v1.0.0 and lodash enabled as global (by default it comes enabled) and node 6 >=

If something goes wrong it return a 400 to the user with the error, if it goes ok it returns the params. It works as a filter too, for example if the client sends name and surname but we only want to work with the name:

  // req.params.all() === {name: 'joseba', surname: 'legarreta'}

  var param = req.validator('name');

  // param === {name: 'joseba'}

  // For more that one params the required params have to go in an Array
  // req.params.all() === {id: 1, name: 'joseba'}

  var params = req.validator(['id', 'password']);

  // params === false && the client has a 400 - password is required
  // so we end the controller execution

  if(!params) return null;
  // If we have params continue the logic
  User.update(, params).exec(function(){}); //...


  // Not sending the default 400 code with error text
  // Just set the second params as false.
  var params = req.validator(['nickname', 'email', 'password', '?name'], false);

  // In case of error params === false else the params will be an object with values

  if(params) return res.ok(); else return res.badRequest('Custom message');


  var filter = [
    'id', '?name',
    {'?surname': ['string', 'toUpper'], height: 'float', '?age': 'int'}
  req.validator(filter, false, function(err, params){
    // err === {message: 'parsedError...', invalidParameters: ['invalid', 'parameter', 'list']}
    if(err) return res.badRequest(err.message);
    return res.ok(params);

  // OR

  var filter = [
    'id', '?name',
    {'?surname': ['string', 'toUpper'], height: 'float', '?age': 'int'}
  req.validator(filter, function(err, params){ // If error the validator will send the req.400
    if(params) return res.ok(params);

If we want to check the type we can ask for it, for example: int, email, boolean, float... req.validator checks if it is the type that we are looking for or if it's posible to convert to the type that we want (ex: 'upper' check if is upperCase text, 'toUpper' upperCase the text if the value is a string, if it couldn't upperCase it the client will get an 400).

If it can't convert or the types doesn't match, it will send the 400 error to the client. Example:

  // req.params.all() === {id: 1, likes: '12.20', url: 'HttP://GOOGLE.eS', email: ''}
  var params = req.validator(['id', {likes: 'int', url: ['url', 'toLower'], email: 'email'}]);
  // params = {id: 1, likes: 12, url: '', email: ''}


  // req.params.all() === {id: 1, likes: '12.20', url: '', email: ''}
  var params = req.validator(['id', 'url', {likes: 'float', email: 'email'}]);
  // params = {id: 1, likes: 12.20, url: '', email: ''}

  // MORE

  // req.params.all() === {id: 1, likes: 'hello', url: '', email: ''}
  var params = req.validator(['id', {url: ['url', 'lower'], likes: 'float', email: 'email'}]);
  // params === false and the client gets a res 400 - 'likes' has to be a float

  // More examples

  var param = req.validator({color: ['hexcolor', 'upper']});

  // More examples

  // Optional values

  var param = req.validator('?nickname', {color: ['hexcolor', 'upper'], '?name': 'toUpper'});

  // If we have a nickname and/or a name parameters it will return it to the param var applying the rules
  // If nickname or/and name are undefined in the request, it will ignore them and won't send 400
Validation types (for now, maybe I will add more)


To test this hook, you need mocha installed in your computer globally.

npm install -g mocha // Just if you don't have mocha installed yet

// And then just run mocha in the hook folder


// Optional: Change port or log level

log=info port=1234 mocha

// log level options = error, warn, info, verbose and silly. By default: warn
// port by default: 1992
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