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Remove Software Not Uninstallable Windows 10

A Powershell script that lets you remove useless and not uninstallable programs in Windows 10 to gain disk space and performance. We currently support up to 24 programs.

Did you find any issue or enhancement? Feel free to make us know

Download 📥📩

Example of use 📸 😁

  • Select and uninstall useless software, then click Uninstall!


How to run the script 🔩

Download the script, then right click it and 'Run with PowerShell'


If the 'Run with PowerShell' option does not appear

  • Right click in the script, then 'Open with' and 'Choose another app'.


  • Choose 'Notepad' and click 'OK'. Then try again.


If this error appears


  • Open PowerShell as administrator


  • Allow unrestricted PowerShell sources with:
Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
  • And type 'y' or 'a'


Then try to run again the script :)

Software available (24) 🧪🔥

  • Your Phone
  • Xbox App
  • Xbox Game Bar (might not work)
  • Get Help
  • Messaging
  • Maps
  • 3D Builder
  • Get Office
  • Skype
  • Get Started
  • Solitaire
  • Onenote
  • Sports
  • Money
  • News
  • Calendar and Mail.
  • Weather
  • Groove Music
  • Camera
  • Alarms and Clock
  • Films and TV
  • Calculator
  • Voice Recorder
  • Photos

What if a program can not be uninstalled?: 🛑🗑

  • It will simply display a red line in the PowerShell Window and Windows will not uninstall such program. So you won't need to worry about it.

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⚠️Remember that this script does not guarantee a 100% effectiveness and may have some issue at some point. Use it at your own risk and always do backups of your code. If any program is deleted you can always reinstall it on the Windows Store. But we always recommend to do backups of your important information in case of lost.⚠️

Made with a lot of ❤️❤️ by @Josee9988