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To get automatically notified about SDK changes, you can subscribe to change tracking issue on GitHub.


  • Breaking Changes:

    • Toolbox utility has been reworked and accepts different arguments then previously.
  • New

    • Library plugins can now support extra capabilities.
    • Added ImportGame methods to more easily add new games to the library.
    • Added OpenPluginSettings method to open view with extension settings (also accessible via OpenSettingsView method inherited from Plugin class).
    • Added StartGame.
    • Added UriHandler for registering of custom URI method actions.
    • Added option settings when creating offscreen web view (currently only option to disable JavaScript execution).
    • Added OnGameSelected, OnApplicationStopped and OnLibraryUpdated events.
    • Added Features game field and appropriate support for it in metadata plugins.
    • Toolbox utility can now generate plugins and scripts.
    • Toolbox utility can pack plugins and scripts into .pext file that can be used for easier distribution and installation.


  • New
    • Added support for creating metadata providers via plugins.
    • ChooseImageFile method for dialogs API. Only available in Desktop mode.
    • ChooseItemWithSearch method for dialogs API. Only available in Desktop mode.


  • Removed reference to LiteDB package. You can remove it from your plugin project if it's present.


  • Breaking Changes:

    • Extension plugins are no longer created by inheriting plugin interface, but rather extending Plugin and LibraryPlugin abstract classes.
    • IGameDatabase interface is completely changed and every object collection (Games, Genres, Tags etc.) is now accessible via appropriate IItemCollection property.
    • Game changed dramatically. Fields like genres, tags and others are no longer part of the model itself but just ID pointers to appropriate database objects.
  • New

    • Extended several API with new methods.


  • Breaking Changes:
    • Removed and added new APIs and API members.
    • Game files are no longer stored in single database file. All game and media files are now accessible in their raw form even without user of database API.


  • Breaking Changes:

    • In order to unify terminology used in Playnite's UI and that in SDK, some classes and class members were renamed.
    • Extensions (both plugins and scripts) have to provide extension manifest otherwise they won't be loaded.
      • Various information about extension (author, version etc.) must be now stored in manifest file.
    • Both plugins and scripts have to be stored in the same folder called Extensions (rather then in separate Plugins or Scripts folders).
    • Signature for default C# plugins has changed and they now have to implement IGenericPlugin interface to be loaded.
  • New Plugin types. There are now two types of plugins that can be implemented:

    • Generic Plugin: Same as the old plugins.
    • Library Plugin: Used to add new library providers responsible for automatic game import from various sources.
      • All existing supported library importers (Steam, GOG etc.) are now distributed as library plugins.
  • New APIs:

    • Static LogManager for easier log operations.
    • Web Views API for creating web view windows or accessing offscreen browser.
    • Resources API for getting application resources like localized strings.
    • Paths API providing information about Playnite's application paths.
    • Application Info API providing information about Playnite.
  • New Methods

    • GetPluginUserDataPath: Gets path dedicated for plugins to store user data.
    • GetPluginConfiguration: Gets plugin configuration if available.
    • LoadPluginSettings: Loads plugin settings.
    • SavePluginSettings: Saves plugin settings.
    • ExpandGameVariables: Expands dynamic game variables in specified game action.
    • CreateLogger: Creates new instance of Playnite logger with name of calling class.


  • Breaking Change: Scripts and Plugins must be place in subfolders rather then directly inside of Scripts or Plugins folders.
  • New: OnGameStarting event that will execute before game is started. See events for use from scripts.
  • New: ShowErrorMessage method in IDialogsFactory
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