How to: Translations

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Adding new language

Check if language is already being worked on via this list

  1. Copy and rename English localization file english.xaml from Localization folder

  2. Edit new file and change following strings:

    • LocalizationLanguage - should be the same as name of new file without extension
    • LocalizationString - display string of new language (will be visible in settings window when changing language)
  3. Translate all strings in new file

    • Keep formating of strings marked with xml:space="preserve", especially new lines and white spaces. Otherwise text may not display properly in application.
  4. Start Playnite and test that new localization file works properly

  5. Open new issue and attach new localization file there. Issue will be notified when new strings are added into Playnite for translation.

  6. Subscribe to localization updates issue, to be notified when English strings are being added/updated to update your translation.

Updating existing language

To automatically update localization file with new strings (after new Playnite update adds new strings into english.xaml), do following (you don't have to use the script, you can also update the file manually):

  1. Download UpdateLocFiles.ps1 script

  2. If this is first time you are running PowerShell script, start PowerShell as administrator and type following: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

  3. Execute script with following parameters:

    • SourceDictionary - full path to english.xaml file
    • TargetDictionary - full path to localization file that should be updated with new strings


.\UpdateLocFiles.ps1 -SourceDictionary "c:\Playnite\Localization\english.xaml" -TargetDictionary "c:\Playnite\Localization\czech.xaml"

  1. Localization file should be now updated with all missing strings from original English version
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