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LINQ to Regex 2.5.0 (2017-01-09)

  • Add support for .NET Standard 1.3
  • New patterns: CrawlLine, SlashOrBackslash, NotSlashOrBackslash

LINQ to Regex 2.4.0 (2016-09-13)

  • Add support for Portable Class Library

LINQ to Regex 2.3.0 (2016-02-07)

  • New PatternOptions value: InlineOptions.
  • New enum SplitOptions with values: None, OmitGroupValues, OmitEmptyValues.
  • New extension methods that extends Regex: ReplaceMatchChar, ReplaceGroupChar.
  • New extension method that extends Regex: EnumerateSplit (3 overloads added).
  • New pattern: Characters.

LINQ to Regex 2.2.2 (2015-11-19)

  • New patterns: LatinLetters, ArabicDigits, Spaces, RequireGroup, DisallowGroup.
  • New extension methods that extends Regex: EnumerateIndexes, EnumerateLengths, EnumerateValues.

LINQ to Regex 2.2.1 (2015-10-04)

  • New patterns: BalanceParentheses, BalanceSquareBrackets, BalanceCurlyBrackets, BalanceAngleBrackets.
  • New extension methods that extend IEnumerable: EnumerateIndexes, EnumerateLengths.
  • New extension method that extends Capture: EndIndex.

LINQ to Regex 2.2.0 (2015-09-15)

  • New patterns: WhileNot, UntilChar(string).

LINQ to Regex 2.1.0 (2015-08-25)

  • New substitution pattern: Text(char), Group.
  • New patterns: Until, WhileNotDigit, WhileNotWhiteSpace, WhileNotWordChar.
  • Added capability to convert pattern to C# or Visual Basic string literal.
    • operator overloaded for Substitution class.
  • Bug fixed in AppendIfAssert method.