A collection of 500+ analyzers, refactorings and fixes for C#, powered by Roslyn.
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Although Roslynator products are free of charge, any donation is welcome and supports further development.

Extensions for Visual Studio 2017

Roslynator 2017

  • Roslynator 2017 contains all features - analyzers, refactorings and code fixes for CS diagnostics.

Roslynator Refactorings 2017

NuGet Packages


  • Package Roslynator.Analyzers contains only analyzers.
  • Use this package if you want integrate analyzers into you build process.


  • Package Roslynator.CodeFixes contains only code fixes for CS diagnostics.
  • Use this package if you want to distribute these code fixes to your team members.



Roslynator for VS Code

Currently VS Code does not support distribution of Roslyn-based tools in an extension. Also it does not support analyzers at all. Please read the tutorial how to install refactorings and code fixes for CS diagnostics.


Other Projects

  • Snippetica - A collection of snippets for C++, C#, HTML, JSON, Markdown, VB, XAML and XML
  • DotMarkdown - Markdown framework for .NET
  • LINQ to Regex - A library that provides language integrated access to .NET regular expressions
  • Snippet Manager - A library that enables to work with Visual Studio snippets
  • Regexator - A comprehensive development environment for .NET regular expressions