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How to Enable Roslynator for Visual Studio Code


  • Refactorings and code fixes are supported by VS Code at the moment.

  • Analyzers should be supported in future version of VS Code.

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download latest extension from Visual Studio Marketplace

  2. Change extension from vsix to zip.

  3. Extract zip file.

  4. Copy selected libraries to a directory of your choice (for example C://lib/roslynator)

    • Roslynator.Core.dll (required)
    • Roslynator.Common.dll (required)
    • Roslynator.Common.Workspaces.dll (required)
    • Roslynator.CSharp.dll (required)
    • Roslynator.CSharp.Workspaces.dll (required)
    • Roslynator.CSharp.CodeFixes.dll (contains code fixes for compiler diagnostics)
    • Roslynator.CSharp.Refactorings.dll (contains refactorings)
  5. It may be necessary to unblock dll files.

  6. Create file at %USERPROFILE%/.omnisharp/omnisharp.json with following content:

      "RoslynExtensionsOptions": {
        "LocationPaths": [

    See OmniSharp Wiki for detail information about configuration options.

  7. Restart VS Code.