Let's appoint another "de facto" maintainer. #67

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No offense to @JosephLenton, he is the man after all, but I think it's time that someone else steps in and collects all those lingering pull requests. I nominate @panrafal . What do you think?


Thanks for your nomination, but keep in mind, that mine approach is a lot different to Joseph's. He opposes to usage in production, and I think that such library is most helpfull in these evironments. He makes a one huge file to include, I decouple them. So it's not maintaining, rather a fork with a different approach. And I still had no time to finish it and document new functionality...


You're right, I think its too early to fork. Then it should be another one. Anyone on mind?

ghost commented Mar 14, 2013

@panrafal Your version( for your ideas and pull requests) is so much better and just what i need in a project. The use in a live site is much more power full than in development.


Well @JosephLenton is back, and has merged Composer support among other pull requests. I'm thus closing this issue.

@demonkoryu demonkoryu closed this Mar 15, 2013
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