1st place project for software at the ISU 2018 spring Hackathon
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A 2-d multiplayer medival fighting game built in 36 hours

Game Mechanics

  • Upon loading the game a user can enter a custom name
  • After hitting start you will be taken to the games map which is surrounded by an unpassable fence and scattered with obstacles such as trees and rocks
  • Move with WASD and hit the space bar to swing your sword
  • Pressing shift will make you sprint but you only have limited stamina
  • If you get hit you will be knocked back and lose some health
  • Picking up a stamina (green) or health (red) potion will recharge your player
  • If you run out of health your player will die and a grave will forever (Until server restart that is) mark your location

Running the Game

Run these commands to host a game on localhost:4200

npm install
npm serve

Game Technologies

This game was written using the Phaser.io game engine in Javascript. It is backed by a Node.js server which handles the multiplayer game logic. This game is not considered complete but was developed until the HackISU time limit was reached.