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A repository of of data4good resources
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Encouragingly, more and more people want to get involved in using their data analysis skill for good causes, from building tools for use by humanitarian organisations in natural disasters to helping local communities contact their local representative.

Too often, however, people do not know where to start when researching projects to get invoved in or trying to understand which organisations are doing work in this space. This repository aims to be a place to help direct people to organisations, conferences, academic institutions and competitions etc. that and allow them to better understand this landscape.

This is a working repository and initially it will be dominated by organisations I am familiar with - but please do submit a pull request if you know of anything missing from this list, or contact me on j.p.bullock[at]


For this repository the definition of Data4Good (D4G) will be the pursuit of non-commercial, societal based work with the aim of bettering human life. I will, however, not attempt to cover many highly specilised fields in detail, such as the great work being carried out in the medical sector, and rather focus on more general, accessible projects. Indeed, it is hoped that much of the data used by the institutions included here be open source.


The selection of organisation in this repository will not be exhaustive and the mentioning of an organisation does not equate to endorsement. Adidiotnally, some organisations may technically be misclassified (e.g. non-profit/industry) so if you see a mistake please let me know.


Relevant publications convering the humanitarian/ D4G sector:

MIT Technology Review
UN Chronicle
The New Humanitarian



UN Global Pulse
UNHCR Innovation
UNICEF Innovation
UN Innovation Network
Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data
International Office of Migration

Select Data and Innovation Sources

I do not want to attempt to provide a list of data providers, however, these organisations are great sources of data, as well as projetcs:

UN Center for Humanitarian Data
NYC Open Data
Singapore Open Data


Harvard Humanitarian Initiaive
NYU Center for Data Science
NYU Machine Learning for Good Laboratory (website coming)
CMU Event and Pattern Detection Laboratory
MIT Media Lab
UChicago Data Science For Social Good
University of Washington eScience Institut
Oxford Internet Institute Social Data Science
Future of Humanity Institute
Future of Life Institute
Alan Turing Institute
Stanford Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence Lab
Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
Makerere University AI Research and Data Science
Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
Columbia Data Science Institute
Cardiff Data Justice Lab
MILA AI for Humanity

Non-Profit/ not for profit

Open Data Institute
Human Rights Data Analysis Group
Digital Humanitarian Network
Delta Analytics
Thorn Innovation Lab
Bayes Impact
AI4Good Foundation
Data Science Africa
Rainforest Connection


Anthropocene Labs
IBM Science for Social Good
Google AI - AI for Social Good
AI4Good - Intel AI
Two Sigma Data Clinic
Element AI


Data4Good Conference
Alan Turing Institute AI for Social Good
ITU AI for Good Global Summit
Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange
UChicago Data Science For Social Good Conference
UN World Data Forum


ITU AI Repository
List of relevant online courses\


There are a growing number of competitions in the D4G space, but these are some of the major sources of information about competitions, or specific recurring competitions:

IBM Call for Code

AI Ethics and Policy:

While I do not want to include too much on this very large field, the following are good sources repositories of organisations on these topics:

Charlotte Stix
Matt Chessen, Brent Eastwood and Tyler Prochazka

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