Some PHP scripts for logging/notifications on permission-limited servers
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Sorry about that.

What is LogBox?

LogBox is a collection of (well, will be a collection of) PHP tools used to monitor your servers/hosting. I say hosting, as there are better tools out there (such as Nagios) that can (and in many cases should) be used if you have root access to the server which will give you much more insight.


loadavg.php is a PHP script which uses the sys_getloadavg() function to find the unix load averages of the server. These load averages are then logged to a MySQL Database. If enabled, thresholds can be set, which when reached will cause an email to be sent to the specified address. The thresholds can be set by changing the $max1load, $max5load and $max15load variables.

I recommend that you set this script to be run as a cronjob - preferably every 5 minutes or so.

I hope to soon release a script that will plot the data which the script records - although data analysis that isn't the primary purpose of this project.