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A reddit bot that replies to voice lines from The Witcher series with the voice line sound (In C#)
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Witcher Responses Bot

A reddit bot that can reply to comments in /r/Gwent & /r/Witcher subreddits with a link to the actual voice line. Inspired by Jonarzz's DotaResponsesBot

Formatted Example

The bot will only reply to comments that are meant for a reply from this bot. There is also margin for error like not having the correct punctuation

MarginOfError Example

If there is multiple responses with the same content, the bot will try to use the one related to the users flair.

How It Works (Internal Overview)

The bot works by first creating a database of all of the uploaded sound files from It then saves the parsed data to a JSON file (if a filepath has been specified) so as to not rebuild it's database everytime.

The bot then gets the latest X amount of posts from 'New' & 'Hot' in any subreddits it is listening to and checks every comment for a match. At the moment, the bot will remove certain punctuation & certain Markdown formatting (like bold & italics but not strikethrough) to make a valid check. Once a check has decided it should respond, it then formats a reply and posts it

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