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# Going Off Cahin
# Going Off Chain

So far all of our exercises have existed entirely inside the world of rholang. While rholang is meant to be a general-purpose programming language, it's current role is as a blockchain language. Many wonderful smart contracts are being written in rholang . But people don't live their whole lives on-chain. They also go outside and ply, eat dinner, and go to concerts. And while they're away doing those real-world things, they need a place to store their unforgeable names. Because unforgeable names can only exist on the blockchain.

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@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ Learn rholang by example and experimentation. The examples and exercises are mea
* [lesson 12 -- Data Structures](12-DataStructures/)
* [lesson 13 -- Iteration](13-Iteration/) (incomplete)
* lesson 14 (not yet begun)
* lesson 15 -- Going Off Chain](15-GoingOffChain/) (incomplete)
* [lesson 15 -- Going Off Chain](15-GoingOffChain/) (incomplete)

### Coming Soon

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