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A Standard Library for Rholang

This project is in its infancy. It aspires to be a standard library for rholang akin to libc. At the moment it is a few instructive and semi-useful algorithms and mathematical features implemented in pure rholang.

The coding and testing standards for this library (and the entire language) are still evolving. The librho style guide is a step. Testing standards remain to be developed.

Unsafe Math

Basic mathematical operations such as exponentiation and modular division to operate on rholang's built-in 64-bit integers. They make no attempt to avoid over- or underflows which is why they are unsafe.

Safe Math

Aspirational: Things like big integers, rational numbers, and fixed (or maybe even floating) points.

Object Capabilities

Aspirational: Reference implementations of the classic object capability patterns such as forwarders and seal/unsealers.

List Operations

Search, Sort, Fold, Map, etc

Classic Algorithms

Search, Sort, Pathfinding, etc

Blockchain Patterns

Best practices for common blockchain operations. Again, any code here is in its infancy and is not formally verified. Use at your own risk.

Multiple Arguments

Comparing and converiting three patterns for calling contracts with multiple arguments.

  1. Tupling
  2. Currying (not recommended here)
  3. Multiplexing


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A Standard Library for Rholang




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