A fast-paced and exciting new ruleset for the board game Robo Rally
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A fast-paced and exciting new rule set for the board game Robo Rally. Works best with extra option cards (also helps if someone is familiar with Mario Party 3).


-Everyone is always going for the same star/flag so you're bound to run into each other more and the people in last can easily catch up. With unlimited lives, you can kill yourself (find a pit or something) to get back to the center of the map when the new star is placed instead of having to always go across the entire board and be lagging behind.

-MiniGames give variety to the Robo Rally game play that can be slow sometimes. Even with MiniGames, the overall games can be shorter than most regular 4 board RoboRally games.

-MiniGames ensure that players get lots of option cards.

-This game variation is easier for beginners, because you cannot fall behind in this version like you can in regular RoboRally.


-Works best with a lot of option cards and a custom blank 8x8 board, so you might have to do a bit of work.

-Can be a lot to understand if players are not yet familiar with RoboRally.